Quality Guaranteed

We offer our customers flexible produce procurement solutions through our solid network of certified growers and suppliers from the U.S and Mexico regions.  Our goal is to offer produce 12 months a year with our Nogales season commencing in October through June then transitioning to our distributing program from San Diego, CA commencing July through November with our certified growers packing Roma tomatoes and slicer cucumbers shipped in our private label E Foods.

E Foods Distributing offers a variety of fresh quality product to meet all your business needs. Our products are Primus Lab and Senasica certified. Learn more about how we can help you.

  • Time savings for customer logistics

  • Transportation efficiencies

  • Solid cold chain management program

  • Quality assurance Information technology,

  • Helping customers understand market trends in Nogales

  • “One Stop” shop for multiple commodities

Learn more about our services and produce. Contact us via email, phone or social media.